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Can I wrap her in cotton wool or bubble wrap please ?

My wee one is investigating her world and with a vengeance and determination that is growing. She is up on all fours and a few times just twos, climbing the walls etc. She was told no the other day by her Dad for pulling over the coffee table ( since moved ) and boy she did not like it. Large and long tantrum ensued. But she was told no as she had pulled the small coffee table over on herself a few times and the last time it bumped her on the head. (I had put rubber corners on it which did limit the damage, but she insists on pulling them off too .)

This was not and will not be the only bump. So I thought as I know what‘s coming from my years as a nanny I would impart some wisdom on how to deal with the bumps and bruises, cuts, scrapes, grazes and general booboos that come with bubs exploring their world.

Just to give you an idea of worst case general scenarios I have encountered in my career . Both charges years ago, a brother and sister at different times knocked one or two of their front teeth out. One on a slide and the other falling off the couch and not putting her hands out. Both under the age of four.  Another just recently tripped on the ground and hit her head on a picnic table. Opening up her forehead and needing stitches. Another full face graze on stones as she tripped running down a grassy knoll.  As well as general occurrences, splinters, stubbed toes, bruises, blisters and bumps. Concussions falling off a bunk bed and bouncing out of the trampoline safety net !!  This is not to scare you , but prepare you , no matter how much we watch the , they will somehow hurt themselves no matter what

Unless we follow them around hovering or holding a safety net.. its inevitable

With kids if it could happen it will happen. Take my wee one leaning to the one side of the pushchair I hadn’t clipped in properly in an oversight and falling out ! Her first bruise , this was accompanied a few days later with her clambering over something, it giving way and her bumping the other side of her head for a matching set. 

So here is a some tried and true ways to stay on top of your accident prone wee ones. 

Firstly I can’t stress enough how helpful it is , when , not if, a situation occurs , you don’t panic and know how to deal with it. So enrol yourself and your partner and anyone who will be looking after you wee one in a first aid course! Better to know it and not need it , than need it and not know it. Most places you will find somewhere running a weekend one or a night one.

I had a wee one who turned out to be allergic to tree nuts ( pistachio and cashews  and their cousins mango and papaya ) We did not know till she went in to anaphylactic shock after a bit of a nut bar. Luckily I had urged parents to do a course and they knew what to do and got her to hospital on time and she is fine. They are now armed with an epi pen ( several , you always have to have two at one time ) and crucial knowledge of how to use it. 

  • Have a first aid kit – make up one or buy it , scissors that stay in kit, bandages, antiseptic cream , plasters, sling, thermometer , burn cream , sting cream , tweezers, antiseptic wipes are the basics. Trust me it starts slow but over the years you will be dipping in more and more. Also have a wee one for the nappy bag or buggy as accidents always happen when youre in  a crowd outside,  it‘s like sods law so have some supplies handy  
  • Lotions and potions – can be kept with first aid kit, but I have found Arnica cream is the best to rub on bumps and bruises. Makes wee ones  feel like there is an instant relief. Rescue remedy is always good to have ( natural calming homeopathic remedy ) Most of the time the shock is worse than the injury. 
  • Paracetamol  and or Ibuprofen to give for pain if needed. 
  • A bump bag, can be home made or bought. These are wee bags or packets that are kept in freezer for bumps if and when they need icing. I made mine with rice inside a material bag. It doesn’t freeze all the way, so not really uncomfortably cold, and can mould to any body part that needs attention. They can be purchased in most pharmacies in cool gel packets of favourite characters.
  • Parental rubs and kisses – do not underestimate the power of yourselves. Mummy kisses can fix with help, just about anything. A hug,  an acknowledgement that they  hurt themselves and a few kind words, kiss or rub of area to dry tears and off they go ready to throw themselves literally in to the next catastrophe, I mean adventure.  

Trial and error, learning to pick themselves up and dust themselves off

What I need you to know more than anything, is it is ok, they will hurt themselves no matter what you do and they need to , to learn a sense of danger, limitations and safety. You can’t roll them in cotton wool or dress them in a bubble wrap suit.  You can’t follow them round everywhere with your hands out like a safety net. They can’t and won’t learn. If social services went to any playground in summer , we would all be hauled off as every kids would be covered in bruises and bumps and cuts and plasters. Kids explore and they get it wrong, but they keep trying till they get it right and we have to let them.  I have had wee ones who have survived to teenagers so far, that at one time were going to have a wing in A&E named after them as they were there so much. So I speak from experience that with your guidance they will be ok.   

Controlled Chaos

My wee one is everywhere all at the same time, I have to let her explore and find her way in this world. Don’t get me wrong I will keep her safe as much as I can and we have started to have communication and learning experiences, where I will say no ! See massive tantrum above and me sitting on  my hands having to let her do it and make the mistakes. She has to find she doesn’t fit through there or if she throws toys around , one might hit her on leg etc. But I have to let her fall in able for her to learn to stand. But all under my watchful eye , controlled chaos !!

Stay safe x 

ps for splinters. – mix together a paste of baking soda or powder with water, pop on splinter and put plaster over, body with the paste will expel the foreign body next day. no nasty digging around in wee ones skin.

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Cee Rainey
Cee Rainey

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