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 I am sick  of  finding no parent and child spaces in the supermarket.

They are usually taken by  people without kids , WITHOUT KIDS  and usually its older men of a certain generation and the young boy racers who have no respect for anyone. You can see where I am going here and I’m sure the hairs on the back of your neck are rising with experiences of your own …..

This isn’t strictly a child rearing or a helpful post, but all of us have been there, it’s a got to get something off my chest post. A rant if you will.

Spare us a thought.

I just don’t understand how people can be so rude as such. One even said to me he took those  spaces as they are bigger so he doesn’t dent his car. If I ever find him , I’ll key his car ! Others say , that is closer and they are just popping in.

And Im not disabled so why do I need the close space. I point out it is not the proximity to the shop but the width of the space.  And the closest to the trolleys for babies to sit in. I am now actively boycotting a supermarket as they redid their parking lot and yes granted put in lots of parent spaces, but in doing so moved the trollies away so now you have to choose between luging your baby and shopping back wards and forward etc or leaving the kids in the car and being a good minute way from car on the return trip. The trolleys for the car seats and disabled have even been put further away inside the store ? Not sure why?  But because of this , I’m sure an oversight , they have lost my business. 

Rant part…

As I said this happened to me today, twice and it isn’t and won’t be the first or last time, which is sad. When I mentioned to friends with kids, they too have experienced this on a daily basis and are just as peeved as me. Can we mention it to supermarkets , is there any point. Do I want to be that mother venting in the carpark or that parent who pops something on your windscreen to say what an areshole you have been? The shops have gone to trouble to give us that space so why can’t other respect that ? Its common decency to  let those that have popped another human being out their bodies ( or Dads who have supported them and are taking the kids out to give them a break ) have these spaces.

When a guy with a disabled badge said , well I can park anywhere, I pointed out that if I had parked in a disabled spot this would be the same sort of conversation but I should feel ashamed to have taken advantage of it,  he relented and said sorry so maybe one dickhead at time we can change the world. But it is frustrating that when I came out of the supermarket , all of the people returning to their cars in my spot as such , not one had a child with them. They were ladies, young and old too. Which kind was more frustrating ? At least have a carseat in car, faking it or used out of habit but forgot the kids today. I would almost forgive them , frazzled Mum , moment of peace to shop alone , used space out of tired familiarity. But no as mentioned in bold above NO CHILDREN WITH THEM OR BY ANY INDICATION HAVE YOUNG KIDS.  The sign has a god dam pram  on it as a hint people!!! 

Mummy Mafia Unite

So I say to you , we need to band together and educate the ignorant. We finally got these spaces from the shops, so we need to enforce them to the shoppers. I feel ticket wardens that have been installed to make sure you don’t go over your time should give out tickets for misuse of space ? Bet that would change a few tunes and or car parks.  We the midnight masses , are frazzled enough, we  need to remind those on the other side of the bubble , that Mums ( and Dads ) when out shopping with kids are stressed enough. Getting kids in and out of cars is fraud with its own set of dangers and frustrations so please people let them have the space. I beg you , rant over 

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Cee Rainey
Cee Rainey

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