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Companionship for mum is vital to a well balanced and sane mother.

In a previous blog I saidĀ  Get a group and I can’t say it again enough. I have a mixture and they all over lap , we live in a small area, hard not too. My online group mixes and meets up in several different coffee groups and paid classes. Ive surrounded myself on purpose with lots of different Mums here and there and always meeting more.

My Monday morning movement class has mums I see in music class on Wed and my coffee group on Thursdays, I see a few at library on Friday. Its fantastic!! But it is no longer all about me.

Might be my year of firsts , but it is now coming her time as well. She is getting to see babies and mummies she knows, she is getting familiar with her wee schedule and knows when it’s swimming , happy when its music to grab at a rattle and chew it to the rhythm. Loves coffee group on a Friday! You see she gets to see her mates too. And this social interaction is so important for her, for them , for all.

So good for you and your baby

It doesn’t matter what you do, but getting out of the house, enrolling in a few classes, or popping along to the free ones or drop in things that people put on helps you and your baby in ways you might not even have thought. Your baby is learning socialisation, communication. The classes are encouraging stimulation and learning, physically emotionally, mentally.

Take the music class, it’s a proven fact that sound waves are mirrored in  babies brain waves. The are instantly interested, soothed and or stimulated by different music. Firstly they feel the music, hear the cadence in you voice when you sing. Next they try to follow it, shake or hit something in time. Next they will move to the music in any way they can, be it clap, wave or wobble. Mostly this manifests itself in over zealous jumping around or running in circles if they are up and about. They get excited, music moves people and it starts early. 

My movement and massage class encourage gross motor skills in my wee one , she is encouraged to be curious. She is given books to feel, to see, materials to touch, actions to mimic, exercises that we do to music that turns her brain on. This encourages cross lateral stimulation and  muscle memory.

We go swimming , this helps with trust ( that mummy is not going to dunk her although I do tip water over her head to get her used to the feeling ) , touch and feel of the water, a nature and familiar feeling from the womb. The feeling of bobbing about and weightlessness.  Different sensations. We splash, use balls and noodles to help her to float. 

The more the merrier

Every class, walk, group that I expose her to teaches her new things about the world, fires connections in her brain. The more I go and repeat the process the stronger those connections and more familiar and a learning pathway is formed.

So while Mommy is having some adult conversation and orĀ  a well earned drink. Your baby is learning, liking and living in the moment. So get your arse to class ladies , its good for you and them !

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Cee Rainey
Cee Rainey

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