Identify crisis

It dawned on me the other day , and with a baby , a lot doesn’t as I’m in a fog of baby brain and lack of sleep ins. That when she was born , three people were made. Her obviously , a whole new person, (individual name, birth date, finger prints, iris’s etc ) […]

I go too….

My life is no longer my own… Before I could pop wee one down on floor and leave for a sec, to go to the loo, hang out the laundry, make a cuppa. NO MORE. She is on to me, literally , I move and she grabs for me, I walk behind her and her […]

Fluid fluid fluid

You may think this is a post about liquids, and how much kids have oozing from them at any given time, or about the fluids that having children your body makes, or you get covered in. Nope thats a whole different ball game. And as you sit here and read this ,my bet is that […]

What I want, what I really really want

It was International Woman’s Day recently¬† and it got me thinking about being a Mum. The real wonder women of this world. We do, do it all , ( working to raising a family, having the house the car ,career , the education, and the travel ) you name it we are, were expected to […]

Tiger stripes

So my other half tickled me the other day and my top rode up. He said innocently ”oh stretch marks ” and I said ”no tiger strips”. If you haven’t heard the term before it was coined for the marks on our bodies left by our babies. And I wear them loud and proud. As […]